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Contrave – FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication

To reduce obesity in our society, a company has come up with a weight loss drug that could soon be approved. The name of this drug is Contrave, and the name of the company that has been working on this is Orexigen Therapeutics. Contrave is an interesting drug in that it is actually a special combining of two other drugs that have been used for many years. These are the drugs of Bupropion and Naltrexone. However the result is not just a mere mixing of these together, but rather a special combination consisting of specific amounts of each and specific absorption preparation. Bupropion has been used for both an anti-depressant and to help smokers kick the habit where as Naltrexone helps substance abuse. Apparently each has been shown to have some weight loss properties in and of themselves but nothing compared to when they are combined. But what exactly is expected of this drug if it indeed is accepted for public use. What kind of weight loss can be attained as well as what are the side affects that one could have?

Contrave is another and promising eating regimen pill that is planning to pick up FDA endorsement in mid 2011. This item tries to retrain your cerebrum’s reasoning procedure to control your longing and blaze fat cells. The two fundamental fixings Wellbutrin and Naltrexone cooperate to stifle your voracity. Wellbutrin is an upper at present available that has answered to have seen weight reduction in their patients once they start utilizing this pill. The other fixing Naltrexone is as of now being utilized to individuals with specific addictions and is utilized to animate the mind keeping in mind the end goal to smother your hankering.

While some people attained much greater weight loss than others, a general indication that Contrave works is that when tested on thousands of people, on average people lost more than 5% above and beyond what people lost who where taking a placebo over 1 years time. Some people lost upwards of 15% and some feel that kind of weight loss is definitely attainable for the masses. But how exactly it will work for each person is difficult to say, but the FDA advisory panel has given it a vote of recommendation for the FDA’s final January 31st decision. It will most likely be approved for use. While all medications have side effects of some sort, the main ones that Contrave has shown have been headaches, constipation and nausea. These have only shown to happen in a lesser percentage of the trial patients.

In the likely event that Contrave is indeed approved, to obtain it, one will need to visit their doctor and have it prescribed to them. A drug such as Contrave could have interactions with other medications as well it is not intended for unexpected weight loss. It will mostly be prescribed for those people who due to their obesity are suffering from health problems. By having it a prescription, it also helps to keep it from being abused as much. What society doesn’t need is to have people who simply have a poor self-image to be taking Contrave as if it were candy.

Knowing that all the prescription contrave diet pills do is burn fat and increase metabolism, there are many over the counter weight loss pills that can do the same thing but in a much safer manner. There are natural supplements that have become popular as well as some diet pills with higher grades of ingredients.But most of all if you purchase anything online please look into the company to be sure they are legit. If you  buy Contrave and other prescription diet pills online you are more than likely going to be ripped off.

Remember with weight loss there is no one magic pill or solution, there is no easy way out. Diet, exercise, and maybe a contrave diet pill if it is right for you and more importantly if your doctor thinks it would be a good idea. Please always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise program. Stay motivated and good luck.

The bottom line is that many people in the world want to lose weight and excess fat. In fact, obesity is a problem being faced in epidemic proportions based on some surveys, and this means more people may be turning to trying contrave pills and fat burners to get rid of excess weight and fat.