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How to get a bigger penis

How to Get a Bigger Penis

There are a good number of men who suffer physiologically because they have a penis that is smaller than average. This is because most men want to have a large penis because they believe it earns them respect from the ladies and sometimes even from their fellow men. It is not wrong to want to have a bigger penis. The mistake is in trying everything that comes your way or that promises to give you instant results. There are a number of misconceptions about how to get a bigger penis and numerous products as well. These have lead many people into making their situation even worse since some of these medications have life threatening effects. There are however some natural ways you can use to get a bigger penis without posing a threat to your health

One of the easiest and natural methods of making your penis bigger is through stretching or jelqing. This might sound weird to you and you might wonder why people opt to go for pills. However, stretching the penis is one if the easiest proven ways to enlarge your penis. The best thing about this method is the fact that you do not have to take any pills to boost the enlargement. This makes the stretching method safe for you. One thing you however need to know is the fact that it is possible to injure yourself with this method. While stretching it is very important to be gentle and careful to avoid any injuries that might cause permanent damage to your penis. This is definitely something you do not want to happen. To do penile stretching all you need to do is stretch the penis in a similar manner to how milking a cow is done. If you do it correctly, it is possible to increase your penis length up to 4 inches. Do it for about 20 minutes for 5 days and see the amazing results.

The other way you can enlarge your penis is through weight loss. If you happen to be overweight, losing weight can make your penis appear bigger. The reason why your penis looks small when you are overweight is because the stomach hides the penis’ actual length when you have no clothes on since more attention is focused on the belly region. Losing weight however reduces the fat in the belly region making your penis appear bigger. This is therefore a great way to make your penis appear bigger if you do not want to settle for pills to make it bigger.

The other way you can give an illusion that your penis has gotten bigger is by shaving the pubic hair. Most men do not like shaving their pubic hair for different reasons. However, if you want her to see as if your penis has become bigger, the easiest way to achieve this is through a trim of the hair surrounding your privates. This not only gives you confidence of a bigger penis but also makes intimacy between you and her more enjoyable.

Using penis pumps is another simple and fast way to make your penis bigger. All you need to do is place your penis inside the cylinder part of the pump. What the pump does is that it creates a kind of suction. This makes blood flow to the base of your penis making it appear longer and larger than its usual size. Once you have had sex, the penis will resume it original length. This is therefore a great temporary method if you are looking for a way to instantly make your penis bigger for a short period of time. The great thing about this method is the fact that you can use it occasionally since there are no serious side effects to using it.Last but not least, eat the right kind of foods to help you make your penis bigger. For penile length extension, you need the kind of foods that will increase the circulation of blood in the penile area. Such foods include: onions, dark chocolate, ginko biloba and bananas. The foods will do wonders in making your penis bigger since they do a great job of increasing blood flow into the penis area.

In conclusion, it is very important to try these natural methods to make your penis bigger instead of going for the different medications and products available in the market. The natural methods will give you great results without affecting your health.